COMING SOON - Blue Bear's first Picture Book here for You


Says Rock to me 'Hello Blue Bear... great to meet you again. 'Cos you know Blue Bears have always looked after the children and kept them safe and loved.'

I feel rock's wise gaze as she looks into me.We're all connected you see, inti-mately. I'm the colour of the sky so blue, she's brown like the earth.  Together we be, she and me.

Says Rock 'whenever you're feeling 'out of blue' just come over see me. I'll warm your heart and  love you rockfully.  You always have a friend in me'.  We all have our special place on this beautiful earth we share.

You are loved, you are safe, you are free...

No rules in this game. Only respect and tolerance for each other.  You do You and I do Me!  We are free, in nature's abundant bountiful playground of mystery to explore, transform and grow uniquely into the fullness of our potentiality.  We all have our very own earthly divine blueprint template to discover and manifest magically.  Spiralling out into our destiny...

Come with me on my adventures on this magic earth and listen to what mother earth has whispered to me.

"I'm always here," says Blue Bear...


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